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Resource Assessment Committee:

Community Resource Assessment Report is being reviewed from 2021 PAYS data and the coalition will move forward with this committee's recommendations for prevention programs to better our children's lives. Please see our updated Resource Assessment report below. 

Funding Committee:

This committee seeks funding through donations and grants that will bring evidence based prevention & positive behavior programs to support our area's youth during the 2023-2024 school year. 

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Youth Committee:

Our youth group, The Inspiring Gremlins help have been doing weekly activities in the school to help spread positivity and promote healthy choices. We have been told many times how much other students are appreciating this group's efforts.

Data Committee:

We are currently at the ending of phase 4 of 5.  We have created our Action Plan which will summarize and document all of the work that the CTC's committees have been doing and plan to do over this next year. Please see our updated Data Report.


CTC Main Progression:

We are currently at the end of phase 4 of 5.  We are working through our 2023 Action Plan to seek reduction in our defined youth risk factors. 

Public Outreach & Community Board Maintenance Committee:

This committee helps spread our footprint in the community by working with local businesses, community members, and agencies. 

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